Cute Kitten Stages Attack and Is Too Adorable for Words (VIDEO)

cute kitten attackIn a world where husbands are found on reality TV, where Scott Disick might get the boot, and where Finnick Odair is played by someone other than Taylor Kitsch, it's nice to have an escape. Like any warm blooded American with an Internet connection, I watch cute kitten videos to cheer myself up. Nothing like a short feline feature to really turn one's frown upside down.

And this newest one may just be the cutest vid ever. It involves a kitten, a comfy bed, a camera, and tons of proverbial smiles and hearts and rainbows and hugs and snuggles and everything that's right with the world. Not to over-hype it or anything.


Here, by all means, please, make your day better:

 How cute is this?!


Photo via dusti romano/YouTube

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