6 Creative but Functional Home Office Designs

You don't have to have to dedicate an entire room to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional home office space. There are tons of cool, creative inspirations out there to help you make the most out of the space you've got, no matter where it is. Sometimes it's as simple as setting up shop with a well-designed desk and a few carefully placed treasures like the office pictured above.   

Scroll through to see 5 more fantastic home office inspirations below:


Classic metal filing cabinet and desk, and even a vintage office chair. This office space has a laid-back retro vibe, and I love the idea of using pegboard to organize and display artwork, supplies, and other fun finds. 

Here's something a bit more modern. Love the moose head mount, don't you?

Cluttered but functional, here's a space I can relate to! I like the use of magazine containers on the shelf above.

Love this rustic-looking desk and chair. Those cubbies above are perfect for small mementos and supplies.

Here's a great example of an effectively shared space. Is that corkboard I spy? Covered storage cubbies above help keep things in their place and minimize any clutter you don't want seen. 

I'm curious, do you have a home office? Is it more functional, or more beautiful? Or both?

Images via Charlotte Minty, Apartment Therapy, SF Girl By BaySwitcheroomApartment TherapyLittle Green Notebook 

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