Couple Building Tacky 'Versailles' House Must Be Out of Their Minds

Versailles OrlandoI guess taking a trip to Paris and touring the historic palace of Versailles wasn't enough for one Florida couple, because they are in the process of building their own personal Versailles right smack dab in the middle of Orlando. (Not exactly France.)

David & Jackie Siegel's humongous 90,000-square-foot mansion is located in a gated community called The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound, but it looks like it's going to be a while before they can actually move in. The massive "house" is still under construction, and about 60 percent of the place still remains unfinished. But when it's done, it will officially be the largest home in the United States. (Certainly brag-worthy.)


Once completed, the castle will feature a skating rink, gym, enormous wine cellar, and even a bowling alley. And the Siegel's seven kids & their niece (whom they adopted) will be living in the lap of luxury in their own, private wing of the home, which will have a computer center and movie theater.

I guess the idea of living in your very own American version of the famous palace is sort of exciting and definitely unconventional -- but it also seems ridiculously indulgent and kind of egotistical to want a home that large. Seriously -- who needs 90,000 square feet of space? I don't even think the college dorms I lived in were that big, and we had hundreds of people living there!

And besides being so big that you'd probably get lost (and possibly a little freaked out too), who would want to clean a place that big? Even if you hired people to come in, they'd have to be there for days to make the floors sparkle.

And then there's the fact that the home is located in one of the hottest places in the country. Can you even begin to imagine what the electric bill would look like after running the AC to try and stay cool all summer? (I don't think I can count that high.)

Would you ever considering living in a home this large?


Image via Splash

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