Bravest Kitten Ever Shows Mean Old Doberman Who's In Charge (VIDEO)

kitten dobermanHonestly, I'm not sure which of these pets is more remarkable: Pancake the kitten or Sugar Tree the doberman. Pancake is, undoubtedly, incredibly brave -- considering the small fry of a feline is trying to take down a dog who's roughly the size of a T-Rex, relatively speaking.

That said, Sugar Tree is, undoubtedly, incredibly patient. Like, patience of a saint kind of patient. Look at those teeth!! He could snap that jumpy little fluffball in half if he felt like it. But he doesn't! No matter how brazen and reckless Pancake gets.


In fact, the more I think about it, the more I lean towards Sugar Tree being the more unusual of the two animals. After all, Pancake is just a baby. He doesn't know his gentle giant of a friend could swallow him in one gulp. Sugar Tree, on the other hand, knows just how easy it would be to rid himself of that fuzzy nuisance ...

Right?! Sugar Tree should be, like, the spokesdog for his kind. Hey, we're not all as tough as we look.

Which animal are you more amazed by, Pancake the kitten or Sugar Tree the doberman?


Image via camelsandfriends/YouTube

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