Tortured Dog Found With Mouth Taped Shut Finally Gets Her Happy Ending (VIDEO)

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A dog named Hope was found wandering around on a ranch in Texas last week after managing to survive being horrifically tortured by some evil individual. The woman who first spotted the lost dog initially believed she had something in her mouth -- and quickly realized she was actually seeing the poor dog's protruding tongue, which had been wrapped with electrical tape, which was also holding her mouth shut. (Just AWFUL.)

She quickly ran away in fear as the woman called for help, and once rescuers located her on the ranch, she was dehydrated & had quite a few cuts, requiring over 100 stitches. Her mouth was completely sealed from the tape, and she was taken to an animal hospital where she is slowly recovering. Though she is going to be ok, there is still some worry that her tongue may have to be removed.


And while this precious little pug-mix's story is nothing short of heartbreaking, she is finally getting the happy ending she deserves. Hope has been adopted by the very family whose ranch she wandered onto in the first place.

The Moncrief family will be taking her in, and according to Parker County Sheriff, Larry Fowler, "I can't think of a better family for Hope to belong to. She will think she is in heaven at her new home with her new family."

Isn't it wonderful that after being abused and treated with such hatred, Hope will finally be cared for in the arms of a loving family? It's almost like she instinctively knew that by wandering onto the Moncrief's ranch, she would be safe & taken care of -- like she was drawn to them and knew that's where she was supposed to be.

What happened to Hope is inconceivable to most of us, but thankfully in her case, good did win out over evil, and she'll finally get the love and care that she deserves.

You can hear more about Hope's story in this video clip. She's one amazing little pooch!


Would you ever considering adopting an animal who had been abused?


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