Couple Who Paid $395,000 in Cash for Haunted Castle Just Might Be Completely Insane (VIDEO)

Stuart Castle

Living like a king or queen in your very own castle sounds enticing enough, but one couple just purchased a castle in Missouri for a mere $395,000 -- that they already know to be haunted! The 7,800-square-foot "fortress" sits on six acres, and comes complete with its very own dungeon (yikes!), secret passageways, four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, eight fireplaces -- and of course, a resident ghost.

The home, better known as "Stuart Castle," was bought in 1968 by a man named Wallace Stuart, who wanted to give his wife the experience of living like a princess. They lived there for many years, and the home eventually went into foreclosure in 2010. But apparently Mr. Stuart's wife never truly left her beloved castle, and her ghost is said to wander around the property to this day.


And making this place even spookier is the fact that a trespasser was shot on the grounds of the home back in 1984. Could his ghost be lingering there as well? (I certainly wouldn't want to find out.)

The home's eerie past wasn't enough to deter Brandon and Kate Smith from buying it -- and at $395,000, it's easy to see why this "bargain" was hard to resist. But is getting a good deal worth being spooked by a spirit who refuses to leave?

And aside from that, the Smiths paid cash for the castle, so they're going to find themselves in a real pickle if they do get frightened away and have to sell it. Now that the home's past is so well known, they'll probably have a pretty tough time unloading it if they decide castle life isn't for them.

Considering just how strange and scary this place is, they must either be obsessed with living a "royal" lifestyle -- or they're nothing short of crazy.

You can see more of Stuart Castle in the video clip below -- it's a pretty creepy place!

Would you purchase a castle like this if you knew you might be sharing it with a ghost?


Image via MOREREALTORS/YouTube

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