Your Astrological Sign Can Help You Plan the Best Vacation Ever

zodiac calenarIf you're planning a trip this summer, listen up. Word around the galaxy is that you should plan your vacations around your astrological sign. Yup, depending on whether you're a Capricorn, a Sagittarius, or anything in between, you need to start taking trips according to what the stars have dictated into your personality.

Thing is, it gets a little hairy planning a trip for a family of five with all different signs of the zodiac, but read what your sign's apt to enjoy on a week-long holiday and just forget the others. After all, you're the one who did all the research and booked the whole damn vacay, right? Right.

Here's a list of the perfect vacation destinations per sign:


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  • Capricorns like stability and adventure, so what could be a better fit than a trip to see the Mayan temples? They've been standing for centuries and the walks around ruin sites in Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ek Balam, and Coba can be interestingly arduous. 
  • Aquariuses are social people, so plan a bus tour through Scotland, or backpack through Australia. Can't help but meet friendly folk on those trips.
  • Pisces are very empathetic, almost to a fault, so a vacation focusing on yourself is a great choice. Head to a luxury resort far away from crowds in someplace like Belize, or the Abacos in the Bahamas.
  • Aries are born leaders, so take your family or friends on a R.V. tour of a national park, or plan a trek through the Appalachians.
  • Tauruses can be patient, yet self-indulging -- sounds like the perfect mix in which to handle kids in Las Vegas. Indulge in the food, drinks, and gambling after a day of shuffling the young ones around kiddo-friendly sites.
  • Geminis are complex people who have a hard time sitting still, so planning a trip down to every hour might sound good to you. You can't get bored in Paris or New York, so book a trip to one, or both, cities.
  • Cancers are people pleasers. They're also a water sign. The beach sounds like a great vacay spot for this sign. Pack a people-pleasing cooler of sandwiches and enjoy the sun and surf.
  • Leos like to pamper themselves and others, so take advantage of this characteristic and book the whole family on an awesome Caribbean cruise.
  • Virgos are shy worriers who enjoy learning new things, so maybe a trip through old Charleston or Boston might entice the bookworm.
  • Libras are romantic and easy-going, which makes a lovers' getaway a perfect fit. Book a cozy bungalow in a lake district or a steamy trip to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Scorpios are control freaks with a huge lust for life, so take the reigns here and check out the Croatian coast before heading to party in the resort towns of Slovenia.
  • Sagittariuses love their freedom more than anything, so a self-guided trip through the Grecian Islands makes perfect sense to me. (Don't mind if I do, says this Sag.)

So what are you waiting for, start planning!

Does your astrological travel recommendation match up with your preferences?


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