Delightful Dutch Doors Add Instant Charm to Any Home

What's not to love about Dutch doors? They're so charming and add just the right amount of character. Not to mention they seem pretty functional. Watch (and listen to) the kids play outside without leaving the entire door open. Catch an evening breeze. And who needs baby gates if you've got one of these? That doorway above is pretty darn perfect, and don't even get me started on the windowed transom ... 

Click through below for 6 more delightful Dutch door finds:


I'll gladly take this entire room as is (dying over that green glass subway tile), but I think the red Dutch door is my favorite part. 

What a lovely entry! Yes to those tall ceilings, the Dutch door, the grand staircase, and lots and lots of windows and light.

Here's something a little less "cottage-y" feeling. I love the natural wood Dutch door and painted window frames, especially when paired with the stone facade.

Doesn't this room feel so warm and welcoming? I love the windows on the top half of this Dutch door. Such beautiful design! 

Now here's an entryway worth looking at. Beautiful floors, built-in under-stair storage, a lovely wooden bench, paneled wooden walls, and a gorgeous Dutch door. Perfect! 

What do you think? Would you do a dutch door in your home or does the idea of cutting a perfectly good door in half seem a little silly?

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Images via decorpad, Inspiration For Decoration, Honey and Fitz, Laurey Glenn, Fancy, Willow Decor

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