Delightful Dutch Doors Add Instant Charm to Any Home

What's not to love about Dutch doors? They're so charming and add just the right amount of character. Not to mention they seem pretty functional. Watch (and listen to) the kids play outside without leaving the entire door open. Catch an evening breeze. And who needs baby gates if you've got one of these? That doorway above is pretty darn perfect, and don't even get me started on the windowed transom ... 

Click through below for 6 more delightful Dutch door finds:

I'll gladly take this entire room as is (dying over that green glass subway tile), but I think the red Dutch door is my favorite part. 

What a lovely entry! Yes to those tall ceilings, the Dutch door, the grand staircase, and lots and lots of windows and light.

Here's something a little less "cottage-y" feeling. I love the natural wood Dutch door and painted window frames, especially when paired with the stone facade.

Doesn't this room feel so warm and welcoming? I love the windows on the top half of this Dutch door. Such beautiful design! 

Now here's an entryway worth looking at. Beautiful floors, built-in under-stair storage, a lovely wooden bench, paneled wooden walls, and a gorgeous Dutch door. Perfect! 

What do you think? Would you do a dutch door in your home or does the idea of cutting a perfectly good door in half seem a little silly?

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Images via decorpad, Inspiration For Decoration, Honey and Fitz, Laurey Glenn, Fancy, Willow Decor

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poppy... poppymuffin

I'm going to have to disagree with you about Dutch doors.

Our 1940's home came with an original Dutch door off the breakfast nook into the back yard.  When we first saw it, we too thought "how charming". However, it was so big and clunky with locks on both the top portion and the bottom portion that we never used it. It's not practical to leave the top part open unless you want flies and other bugs coming into your house. And I certainly wouldn't feel safe just leaving the top portion open if the Dutch door was your front door (not sure where you live, but I would not do that where we live)! And, because we thought it was so charming, it took us a long time to realize that a regular door would be much more practical. Finally we replaced the Dutch door with a new door with a window looking out to the yard and I have not missed that Dutch door for one moment!

The kitchen pictured above is gorgeous, but I really don't see why a door, or a Dutch door is even necessary in that place.

krist... kristie1029

we are in the process of making our own dutch door that will separate our kitchen from the playroom/daycare room! My husband and his dad are building it to replace my broken baby gate! I've wanted one in that doorway since we bought the house 4 years ago! Mine will not have a window sadly.


Maevelyn Maevelyn

In Florida we have too many bugs. These come from a time when there was no air conditioning. If  you didn't have an AC it's probably fantastic.

Stink... Stinkydog

I wouldn't use it for a doorway to the outside, but man oh man, would I love one on both of my kids rooms! My kids dismantle babygates like they're made of lollipop sticks and air. Finding affordable dutch doors seems to be kind of hard, though. I've looked all over online. I couldn't find anything for less than $1100. sniff.

the4m... the4mutts

I agree with stinkydog *hha love the screen name*

Having it on a doorway to the outside? No thanks! Can we say robbers dream come true? Especially ones with glass.

I'm definately getting one for the doorway to the kids' playroom though. So they can be corralled, and I can still see them :)

Annie... AnnieM120

Be careful with those if there are kids around.  My mother got to take me to the hospital with a crushed hand after my older brother slammed the top half of the door shut while I was holding onto the bottom half.  I was only about 5 at the time, so it healed up quick..but our dutch door was quicky removed and replaced with a regular door after that.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Love these and forgot about these. 

Julie Petrenko

We have one as our backdoor to the backyard and we always keep it latched (as a whole door),  otherwise we get bugs inside.  I wish that I could take it out and put in a regular door with window. 

nonmember avatar Joy G

Well, I'm with you, Gabrielle! I love Dutch doors (never knew that was what they were called till today). We live in a nice mild climate in rural Northern Illinois and a dutch door to the outside would be wonderful! Also, depending on how the house is set up I love them between the kitchen and an adjoining room because it lets people pop in to tell you what they want, but keeps them from congregating and getting in the way when you're busy in there. This would be especially nice if you have little ones who might run through just as you open the oven door.

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