Adorable 'Lassie' Dog Works Out on Treadmill & Finds a Way to Cheat (VIDEO)

sheltie treadmillAnimals: They're just like us. No, seriously -- they even cheat on their workouts! Like this adorable sheltie, who's figured out a genius way to
make the treadmill half as taxing as usual: By running with his front legs only. Talk about a sly dog!

Good thing his owner is there to stop him from slacking off for very long. See, this is the whole point of a personal trainer -- it's way harder to take lazy little shortcuts when somebody is watching your every half-hearted move.


Right? Makes a huge difference. Watch this clip and you'll see what I mean ...

I think we've all been there, haven't we? What I really love is how the dog keeps hoping maybe his owner/trainer won't notice THIS time ... run run run run ... slowly back up ... see, I'm still running! Only not with all four legs!

"Hey, are you cheating?"


Do you ever feel like this dog when you're working out?


Image via PETSAMI/YouTube

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