Lesbian Mom Families Are the Same When It Comes to Dividing Up Chores

I hate the term "wears the pants in the family." It implies that there is only one head of the household, that head should be the man, and if the woman is the boss, she's being unwomanly. Which, for the giant majority of families I know, doesn't remotely match their ideal or their reality.

That said, even in my equal-partners household, my husband and I tend to do things along somewhat typical gender lines. I work from home and have a more flexible schedule, so it's easy for me to do the doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, school pickups, etc. Meanwhile he earns more money, maintains the cars, mows the lawn, and takes out the trash because I hate doing it.

In this edition of Mya and Her Moms on CafeMom Studios, they address the question of how they divide up chores when both parents are women. And, not surprisingly, it's exactly how every other functional couple does it! Check out the video after the jump.


Laura and Lisa, Mya's two moms, each do the stuff they like and divde up the stuff they don't like more or less equally. Just like, well, everyone. I've talked to a lot of gay parents, and they have a lot more in common with every other couple raising kids than they do some sort of gay stereotype.

Maybe Mya and her moms inviting people into their lives like this will show that gay couples are much more like straight ones than they are different. They bicker over chores, try to do right by each other and their children, and value their family life just like me, you, and everyone else. End. Of. Story. Check out their family, and tell us what you think.

How do you divide up responsibilities in your household?

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Image via CafeMom Studios 

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