Step Inside This Happy Nursery Full of Punchy Colors & Fun Treasures

Personally, I love it when people aren't afraid to go crazy with color. Especially in a nursery like this one from Holly over at Life as a Thrifter. She put together this eclectic room for daughter Ross with IKEA finds and thrift store treasures for a brightly finished space. 

Click through below to see a few more beautiful details from this lovely baby's room.

Holly found all the letters for the alphabet wall online and paired them with a basic crib and rugs. 

The entire room has such a light, happy feel to it, don't you think? I wonder if the yellow rocking chair is a family heirloom or a thrift store find. Either way, what luck! 

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IKEA Expedit shelving to the rescue! Those wire baskets are fantastic, and I'm loving all the fun little treasures tucked away in there. 

A photo gallery family tree on this wall with baby pictures of Mom and Dad and grandparents on both sides. What a neat idea! I think the desk makeover is creative, too.

See a few more pics and hear all the details here

Tell me what you think about this nursery -- love the bright colors, or too busy for you?

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Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

That's not child-friendly at all. Once a baby can crawl, that room becomes dangerous for a baby. Stupid magazine staging is never practical for real life.

Karmi... KarmicChild

While I do find the overall concept adorable, I must agree with the first poster.

the4m... the4mutts

I don't see anything seriously dangerous about it. My kids all have "magazine" style bedrooms, have since they were babies. When they grow up with the stuff, they have less desire to knock it down, or think it'd be fun to break, IMO.

Now, whenever I got something new, that was a different story! New things in the rest of the house, that they didn't see every day... oooh boy! I started to put double sided gorilla tape on everything that they might pull down. Well, after the first 2 vases got smashed by my 6 month old, and countless books got eaten... O_o

nonmember avatar kaerae

I agree with Lucretia, and those rugs seem like they'd be like land mines in the middle of the night, exhausted carrying a baby, have a nice trip!

kelli... kelli0585

Oh, good grief.  I think the room is adorable, and seems no more dangerous than your standard living room.  

Do you know what's dangerous for baby?  Negligent parents that allow a baby to crawl around any room without supervision.  

nonmember avatar ACE

That's an ugly room! Looks to hippy and dated. The colors are atrocious!

Laura Bombard Roush

I agree about the rugs but otherwise I think it is super cute and shows how you can take cheap stuff and make something really stylish (footstool you could easily get a look alike for less than 20 and the second hand desk/end table are cute with the funky wallpaper dress up) Some paint on the walls and a comfy old rocker with a little fabric, cheap IKEA crib and some painted letters from a craft store and voila! However if you had to do the rugs they have those at IKEA too LOL. My oldest never required any baby proofing at all. I think the room looks really fun and creative. - mom of 4.

nonmember avatar vanessa

I LOVE this room--especially the wall of ABCs and bookshelf organization. As for safety concerns, I think she planned this space with her own child in mind and I'm sure it is perfectly safe for her daughter. Holly is so talented--I love how she finds old things and makes them new and useful again.

alynette alynette

super cute! i love the wall color, ABC's and the shelving w/ wire baskets.

Kourtney Boreman

I like the color combo, I do not like the wall decor at all. I can some what see that for a play room, but it feels a bit messy for a bed room. Personally babies are busy all day (well at least the older ones up to toddler age) a bedroom is more of a place for peace and relaxation. A room that energetic just doesn't work for me...but I give props for creativity and originality. Besides I can name 20 things in that room my son would have destroyed by the end of the day. 

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