Rich ’50 Shades of Grey’ Fan Gets to Have Sex in Christian’s Apartment Every Day

bathtubOne lucky home owner in Seattle just bought themselves their very own Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy to the tune of $6 million, after purchasing the famous (or infamous?) penthouse apartment that is the scene of Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele's steamy encounters in the book.

The all-glass home is located on the top floor of the Escala building in downtown Seattle, and it seems a little too coincidental that the photos of the inside of the Fifty Shades of Grey apartment seem to mirror the rooms that are described by author E. L. James in the book -- right down to the grand piano sitting in the corner of the living room. Supposedly when the apartment was listed, the piano even served as a marketing tool.


Of course, Christian & Ana used the piano for activities that were a bit more risque than simply playing music, so it will be up to the home's new owner to decide what kind of use the instrument will get.

Aside from the piano, there are plenty of other details in the home that seem to come straight out of the pages of the book. The elevator in the building does open right into the apartment, giving the pad a very high level of privacy.

And remember Christian's swanky white marble bathroom where all sorts of erotic activity went down? It actually exists too, and let's just say the bathtub in the room is more than big enough for two.

But even though the home really does seem like the perfect place for a real life Christian Grey, it is missing a "red room of pain," so I guess the floorplan and decor aren't 100 percent inspired by the book. I guess the owner will have to decide whether to keep the current layout of the home, or spice things up a bit and go for the full Christian & Ana experience.

Would you want to live in a Fifty Shades of Grey style apartment?


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