10 of the Craziest Pinterest Ideas Ever

I made a vow last year to stay away from Pinterest because it made me feel so badly about myself. Little by little, though, I've found my way back. Last week, I let my son convince me to conduct a series of experiments, which of course completely flopped. The week before, I attempted an "easy" chocolate cake which nobody in my house would even eat. And the week before that, I actually bought glass bottles to house my dish soap in. How did I allow this to happen?!?

Where Pinterest is concerned, I'm trying to learn my limits. It's great for inspiration, but for moms like me, can also be the ultimate disaster. Here are ten ideas I'll most definitely be staying away from ...


1. Thumbtack Wreath.This actually caught my eye until I saw what it was made of. If I were to attempt this, I would end up with band-aids on all ten fingers and it would still look like crap.

2. Handmde Monster Patches. Adorable? Absolutely. But for someone who can barely sew a button, this would take me a week. And then my kid would refuse to wear the jeans.

3. Balloon Dart Board. Candy + balloons + darts sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Seriously, Martha?


4. Unicorn Poop. Because, um, ewww.

5. Piñata Cookies. For the mom who has 24 free hours on her hands to make them.

6. Homemade Heart Pop-Tarts. Don't they sell these things at a grocery store?

7. Hello Kitty Sushi. I simply have no words for this one.

8. Artistic Pancakes. Personally, I find Ego's more appetizing.

9. Veggie Christmas Tree. If I made this and my children still didn't eat their broccoli, heads would roll.

10. Glitter Balloons.You know how glitter gets EVERYWHERE? And how balloons ALWAYS pop? The combination is one of the worst ideas ever. 


What's the most ridiculous Pinterest pin you've ever seen?

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