Snooki & Jionni Are Crazy to Live in His Parents' Basement

Snooki & JionniIt's always nice to have family living nearby when you have a new baby, but Jersey Shore couple Snooki & Jionni are planning on living in his parents' basement after she gives birth to their son.

Of their new living arrangement, Snooki said, "We'll be with his parents for a year or so. We have the whole basement and there’s already a crib.”

Ok -- having a crib is a step in the right direction, but choosing to live with your in-laws when you have an unlimited bank account to go out and get your very own place is just plain crazy.


For one thing, Snooki & Jionni are going to need space and privacy to get used to life with a new baby, which are two things that basement is most definitely not going to provide. They'll probably feel very cramped, and hearing people walking around upstairs will be very nerve wracking during the baby's naps. And let's not forget that Jionni's parents live in New Jersey -- so winters in the basement should be a real picnic. But I guess nothing really says "home" like a cold, damp cellar. (Unless it's highly insulated, finished, and on the swanky side.)

It's totally understandable that they want to have his parents around to care for the baby while they go out and party help them out with their new son, but if they are smart, Snooki & Jionni will change their minds and rent a house or apartment nearby instead of shacking up with his parents. Living alone is what's best for them, and for the baby too.

Did you consider living at home when you first had a baby?


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