Dachshund Puppy and Ghost Crab Have Adorable Stand-off (VIDEO)

dachshund puppyThis puppy ain't afraid of no ghost ... crab. Nope, Madeline the Dachshund puppy ain't afraid of no ghost crab, not even this rather feisty specimen just waiting to get a clawful of floppy puppy ear. Snap. Snap, snap!!

Madeline is undeterred. Scrawny little crab! As if the puny creature could ever pose a threat to such a might beast as Madeline! The Dachshund will never be defeated! She will catch the ... hey, wait a minute. Where'd that crab go?


Indeed, Madeline has every advantage on land ... but when the tide rolls in ... whoops! Hey, it was just here a second ago! 


Aww, poor little dog. She's so confused. Hey, that crab was here a second ago! I love the parting shot of Madeline staring longingly at the sea ... someday, someday the crab will return!

Has your dog ever had an encounter with a crab at the beach?


Image via jasonkwheeler/YouTube

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