Mama Cat Lovingly Protects Her Kittens After Being Shot in the Head

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catWhen an animal rescue worker in L.A. found a homeless cat & her five kittens who were dirty & malnourished, it wasn't a huge surprise when she started hissing and trying to protect her babies. Somehow the worker managed to rescue the poor cat & her litter -- and when they arrived at the animal center, doctors realized this mama was much more protective than they initially thought.

When they took a closer look at her matted fur, they found out the cat had been shot in the head with a BB gun, and wound up with a BB lodged behind her ear. (O.M.G! Who does something like that to a helpless animal?!)

It's a miracle that she survived at all, but the fact that she also managed to protect her babies after a wound like that is nothing short of amazing. When she was found, she was hovering over the five kittens, so she must have been trying to shield them in the event that her attacker came back. 

The animal center named this brave mama Cindy, and she's been spayed and is now waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Her five kittens have already been scooped up -- and thanks to her, they'll enjoy happy lives growing up in their new homes.

But isn't it just a little bit sad that she went to such great lengths to protect those kittens and will probably never see them again? (As a mom, I can't help but be a bit heartbroken for her.)

Were your pets extremely protective after they had babies?


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Fondue Fondue

When my husband was in college he had a sweet pet rat he bought at the pet store.  One day she became cage aggressive and bit his hand when he reached into the cage.  Later that day he saw a nest of pinkies--she had given birth to an "oops" litter.  Apparently somebody at the pet shop didn't do a very good job of separating the boys from the girls!

Also, as long as the kittens were weaned and old enough to be adopted out, it's fine that they went.  Animal mothers stop feeling a protective attachment to their offspring after a while, unlike human mothers.   :)

Torra... TorranceMom

Poor Cindy! Sick, twisted freaks . . .

Susie19 Susie19

This is very sad... :'(  I hope Cindy also finds a loving and safe home for herself, she deserves it!

Laura Desaulniers Lewis

Once a  family friend took in a pregnant kitty she found. The poor thing had had her ears and tail cut off by some sicko. Poor thing. People scare me.

Caroline Mannheimer

I thought the same- all that just to lose them anyway. I mean does she understand that they're going to loving homes? Could not just ONE of the families taken a kitten AND momma? I would have if I were adopting that day and I live in an apartment! Anyway, thank God she was found and helped and the person(s) that did that to Cindy are cursed for life- by me.

CPN322 CPN322

I just do not understand how people can hate cats so much, or animals period, but cats seem to get it the worst. Breaks my heart :( They are such wonderful, loving animals. I pray Cindy finds a loving furever home very quickly and that the sicko who shot her gets his karma ten fold!


Melan... Melanie420

I would have taken her and all the kittens

cherylam cherylam

our cats used to have their kittens in my dresser drawer, then moved them to my bed...I worked midnights, so I ended up on the couch.

Indig... IndigoRose


I certainly hope that wonderful & brave Cindy will get the great home that she deserves.  What a good, good girl she is !!!

Farrell Schambow

i really hate people that do these kinds of things to animals.  It breaks my heart.  She is just an innocent kitty that loves her babies and some stupid heartless human being hurt the poor thing. 

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