Women Need to Stop Making Exact Change & Other Saving Secrets Revealed! (VIDEO)

Figuring out finances is pretty confusing for most of us. Sometimes don't we all need a tell-it-like-it-is friend who can give some real advice?

That's why this episode of JoAnn From Bensonhurst is worth watching. She takes on picking up pennies, whether you should give your brother your life savings to invest for you, and Suze Orman as sex therapist (watch the video below the jump, it's hilarious).

One thing I especially liked was that we see JoAnn using a secret savings method most of us don't know about.


Every week, she saves all her change, puts it in a jar, and then rolls the coin and takes it to the bank. This is a fabulous savings method I've used myself! Okay, I don't put my coin jar in the refrigerator because that's a little weird, but I do save coins as much as I can.

Women have a thing for exact change, but we really should be rounding purchases up to the nearest dollar, pocketing the change, and saving it. Not only does it make life 100 times easier when you need quarters for the parking meter, you might find you've got a nice little cushion saved up at the end of the year. It's much, much easier than disciplining yourself to set aside money every pay period, if less lucrative. And if you've ever had one of those weeks where payday is still a few days away and the gas gauge is teetering dangerously toward "E," those rolls of coins can be a lifesaver!


Do you save change? What other saving strategies do you use?


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