Baby Raccoon Invasion Is So Ridiculously Cute I Can't Stand It! (VIDEO)

baby raccoonsHey there, little guy! With that cutie little face! I want to snuggle your little fuzzy guy self!! Seriously, why oh why can't raccoon babies be the cuddly pets I want them to be? I understand they've got rather sharp claws and that, as they get older, they're not really the kind of animal you'd want to tangle with. BUT LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Apparently the guy who filmed this took care of the, er, raccoon babymama at some point last year, and so she decided to bring her babies back to meet him (probably helped that he had dishes of water and tasty racooon treats all over his porch). Coincidentally, I once dated a guy who had a raccoon babymama living under his back porch, and when those babies started exploring (just like these guys!) it was all I could do not to scoop one up and put a little baby bonnet on its furry head. (Actually, the guy I was dating wouldn't let me. Should have been a relationship red flag!)


Anyway, since I'll most likely never have a baby raccoon for a pet, the only way I can console myself is by watching this video repeatedly. Daily. Hourly, perhaps.

Check this out and you'll understand. Wait until the part where they go inside the guy's house, omg!! And the other part where that one baby raccoon is trying to eat the slippery animal cracker!!!

You see? You see what I'm talking about?! I wish I could get paid to feed baby raccoons animal crackers all day long.

Do you have raccoon visitors at your house? (Are they as cute as these babies?)


Image via bradgillette/YouTube

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