Elisabeth Dunker of fine little day: Show & Tell Home Tour

Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker of fine little day


So, for today's oh-so-lovely Show & Tell Home Tour, we are popping in on creative mama, designer, illustrator, stylist, and photographer Elisabeth Dunker who shares her daily life and inspirations on her blog fine little day.

Come on inside...



I have been regularly (and virtually) popping over to Gothenburg, Sweden for a few years now, just to get my daily dose of inspiration on Elisabeth Dunker's blog fine little day. Elisabeth's photos of the everyday joys in her family and creative life made my heart skip a beat, right from the beginning—and then I saw glimpses of her home! She has such a knack for mixing vintage inspirations with modern furniture basics to create beautiful and ecclectic and yet comfortable and artistic family living spaces. Sometimes peeking in on fine little day feels like opening a beautiful storybook, where the kids' imaginations run wild and mama's does too. Take a look. You'll see what I mean...


1. Tell us a little about your family and the size of your home.

Our family: husband and wife, Elisabeth and Dennis, daughter, Tovalisa, 10 years old, and son, Otto, now 7 years old. We live in Gothenburg, the second biggest city in Sweden. We live close to the harbor in an old apartment with three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The size is 140 square metres.

coat rack, tree wallpaper

Coat rack and tree forest wallpaper

2. How do you approach decorating in your home? What's the most important thing and how do children fit into that approach?

I really don't have a strategy in decorating; it's all about gut feeling, I think. The most important thing in decorating must be that the home you're living in feels like a comfortable, practical, and pleasant place to be. I decorate by mood, energy (sometimes there is no energy, and things are just laying around in a messy home, it feels like), or occasion.

lantern, multicolored

Colorful lantern overhead

I tend to change the home decor pretty often. No big changes really—I just move around items and furniture and try to make "fresh views" to rest the eyes on. I bring down stuff from the attic and put up stuff I'm tired of. Especially after a long work period, I kind of want to rinse off. Fortunately, I have an understanding family; so far none of them have complained. :)

hat rack

A well-stocked hat rack

The changes I make are also based on my work, of course, since I gather a lot of props and often do photo shoots in our home. Once I persuaded Otto to paint his bedroom walls in a bright yellow color. The day after I got the stomach flu, and then I just couldn´t stand the color. So I had to persuade him again, this time to paint the walls white again. Luckily he wasn't hard to persuade.

old fashioned baby buggy

Adorable baby buggy amid playtime

I think the kids see our home as a fun ongoing project. They are involved and even come up with decorating ideas. Other than that, I try to simplify and reduce the amount of items around the house, but it´s hard since I´m addicted to beautiful, odd, creative, and playful pieces. I like to display stuff (the kids do too) so one can look at them. I always want these things to be visible and not always hidden in a drawer or closet.

blocks, kids desk

Blocks arranged on a desk

3. You have a design background. How has this inspired your decorating?

I can´t tell really. I have a very disparate taste and way of decorating. I always have. I´m not sure if my home would look different if I didn't have a degree in design. But maybe my education has contributed to the fact that I´m more aware of how things like area, space, item placements, lighting, etc. effects each other, but I really don´t know.

teadrop wall design, breakfast table

Breakfast table and Elisabeth's signature "drops" backdrop


plants, window sill

Plants in the window sill

4. As your children get older, how has the look and feel of their bedrooms changed? Are their personal styles different than yours?

The most obvious changes are that the toys and the books in their shelves are changing. And, of course, the furnitures is getting bigger, and things are placed higher and higher, rather than just near the floor.

doll, vintage dolly

Dolly in a vintage-inspired dress

As far as their personal tastes...I think Tovalisa and I have quite similar tastes. She likes playful and handmade items very much and also finds second-hand interesting.

blue gingham dress

Blue gingham dress hanging from a frog prince

If you asked Otto about one year ago how he wanted his room to look, he probably would have said something like, "A dark cave with black walls and Spiderman posters all over." The Spiderman posters are still up, but he´s not so eager about the black walls anymore. For the moment, he talks a lot about how much he likes his space, which I'm grateful for.

boy, bedroom, bed

Otto in his space


desk, toys, dollhouseSpace in Tovalisa's room for work and play

girl, dollhouse

Tovalisa playing in the dollhouse

5. What household chore do you tend to back burner most so you can tend to your creative life?

Oh, beside the little amount of time I have for myself, I spend comparatively little time cleaning (picking up stuff). There may be loads of dust under our beds and stain spots here and there, but I try to prioritize a clean home. I have a hard time dealing with dirt, especially under my feet after a shower. The fridge and larder are low priority in our home too, and I don't always make my bed.

kids sheets, unmade bed

A lovely unmade bed

6. What is your most important everyday ritual at home?

For me, it's important to spend time with the family and to take time to listen and talk to the children. We always eat dinner together, the whole family. My husband (the greatest chef in the world) usually cooks for us, and then we talk about how our days were while eating. That's an important ritual for us.

potatoes, family dinner

Family dinner

7. Do you have anything in your home brought over from your own childhood home? Tell us about these items.

I don´t think I have much, two or three items maybe. I have a white and brown textile bag (which I loved as a teenager) and a painting from my grandmother's home.

textile bag, pinocchio

Textile bag left over from teenhood

framed floral paintings

Floral painting from grandmother's home

8. In your home, what is one indulgence you give into?

Dark chocolate, expensive cheese, port, art books, and magazines. Can´t live without them.

art books, coffee table

Art books and more

9. What are your favorite stores to shop for home?

Second-hand and vintage stores are always the most exciting ones, especially when it comes to shopping for home. We sometimes shop on IKEA and those kinds of chain stores as well, but if we can choose, our favorites are small town flea markets, antique, and second-hand stores, and Tradera (Swedish eBay).

If I had more money I would love to do some shopping in these stores though:

Kid O

buttons, vintage

Button collection

10. What are your favorite Home & Garden blogs or websites?

I usually don't think of the blogs I´m visiting like they're categorized. And the favorites are far too many to mention, but these five are the ones I'm visiting with most frequency (for the moment). They may not be categorized under "Home & Garden," but they usually contain nice home interior peeps or items, in one way or another:

hoping for happy accidents
mieke willems
lena sjöberg


We so very much loved the tour of your home, Elisabeth. Thank you.

Make sure to stop by the new Studio Violet, where Elisabeth works and sometimes collaborates with illustrator Camilla Engman. Check out their goods at the Studio Violet shop.

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