Deer Hunters Get a 'Sign From God' When Doe Befriends Them (VIDEO)

deerAnimals have so many lessons to teach us humans, and one little doe decided to take it upon herself to Bambify two long-time hunters. The Ohio hunters, who have been killing deer for 50 years, were flummoxed when one brave deer decided to befriend them. "She walked in and started playing with our turkey decoys," said one of the hunters, Steve Hunt. Yep, that's his name. Hunt.

For 12 minutes, the hunters, with their hunting gear on, their rifles at the ready, decided to feed and play with the friendly doe rather than kill her. And it's all caught on video.


The men say nothing like this had ever happened to them before -- that normally deer take one look at them and run in the other direction. Well, I would think so, given that you are there to shoot them.

But the men say they never thought of hurting this particular deer, who sidled right up to them like a purring kitty cat. Says Hunt:

There's a lot of ethics behind hunting it’s not a matter of just going out and killing animals ...

Be that as it may, animals DO get killed. I myself couldn't ever hunt. I think if I were in the woods starving to death, I'd probably dig around in the ground looking for roots to chew before I'd try to kill anything that moves. That said, I wonder if the men feel differently about hunting now. They seem to.

One man said they "thank God" for the experience and saw it as a "sign" and the other one said that it has made them see hunting in a "whole different way." Could this little fawn have turned two stalwart hunters into Bambi lovers? I hope so. I think if this was a sign from God, the sign says, "Yo, guys! Stop killing my relatives."

Check out the doe making friendlies with the hunters:


Image via newsnet5/WPTV

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