5 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a '50 Shades of Grey' Fantasy

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candlesIf you're like most of the women in this country, then odds are good there's a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey sitting on your bedroom nightstand. (Am I right?)

Women just can't seem to get enough of this book, and some have even seen a major improvement in their sex lives because of it. Instead of flocking to department stores to pick up sexy lingerie, moms are heading to adult bookstores to pick up toys to try out in the bedroom with their husbands. But unless you really set the stage for Fifty Shades of Grey style "romance," the experience may not quite measure up to your expectations.

And while you don't have to make any drastic changes or set up your own "red room of pain" or anything like that, there are a few steps you can take to give your bedroom enough of a Fifty Shades of Grey makeover to really get you in the mood to take your sex life to new heights.

1. Eliminate all distractions -- Yes, this means kicking your bedroom TV to the curb (or at least another part of the house). In order to rev up your bedroom action, you need to get rid of anything that will potentially prevent you from living in the moment. (It's time to focus, ladies!)

2. Ambiance is everything -- Think about the lighting in your bedroom -- does it set the tone for getting down and dirty with your honey? Because nothing kills the moment like a bright overhead lighting fixture. Pick up a couple of lamps with soft bulbs to tone things down and create a sensual mood. And of course, add a few candles to make things even sexier.

3. Create your own toy chest -- No Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy is complete without bringing fun adult toys into the mix. Clear out the drawer of your nightstand and fill it with all things Ana & Christian so you can easily grab them whenever the mood strikes you.

4. Trade up your furniture -- If you really, really want to take things to the next level, think about getting a new bed frame with a headboard that you can, well -- tie things to. (Wink, wink.)

5. Make your bed a place you want to have sex -- Scratchy, old sheets and floral prints really don't say "give it to me" quite as well as silky sheets & clean, bold colors. Pick up a new set of sheets and get a duvet you can't resist getting busy on.

Have you done anything to try and recreate the Fifty Shades of Grey experience in your home?


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Kristin McShane

do you guys have anything else to write about besides this crappy book? You've posted 3 stories about it today alone!

momof... momof3cuties987

This book was one of those things that everyone talked up so much that when I got aroung to reading it I was expecting so much, but liked it so little and I am sure as heck not redecorating my bedroom!!

tuffy... tuffymama

Haven't read the book but I read the "best quotes" article on The Stir recently and I was thoroughly unimpressed. I am glad I was saved the time and money. Thanks!

Water... Water_geM

you stir writers need to find something new to write about....



god,you all are as repetitive as E.L James.

Kellie Marsh

These "crappy books" are the top 3 on the NY Times Best sellers list, so with that in mind, I think your negativity is unsubstantiated. In deed everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I was always instructed "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all". So all you haters, why don't you be a dove and stfu!

tesscat tesscat

if i see one more article about this book i might throw up.

Jessica McGuire O'Steen

This book should have been titled "50 Shades of Lame". I wouldn't even make space on my bookshelf for it, let alone redecorate a room in its honor. Truly one of the worst reads i have ever experienced.

Water... Water_geM

people are allowed to be critics.

that's how things improve.

and i weep for the idiots who think this great book.apparently some people cant read past baby sitters club level.

momto... momtolittleg

Water_gme- I'm not entirely sure what you are worried about, as you don't seem able to write above a 3rd grade level. I am so sick of lit snobs hating on these books. Who really CARES if a fun read is written to prize-winning standards?

nonmember avatar Cindy Morrow

I just finished reading all 3 books in the Fifty Shades Trilogy and loved all three! I hope there's more to come from Christian & Ana. To all the boring haters...keep your negative opinions to yourself. No one really cares about your negativity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY!!!

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