Giant, Life Sized Dollhouse Puts All the Tiny Ones to Shame (PHOTOS)

When I was a little girl, there was nothing cooler than my dollhouse. But even grown-ups love playing with a dollhouse from time to time. There is something about creating an entire miniature world that is wholly addictive and so much fun.

But what if it wasn't "miniature" at all? What if it was life-sized? This is what artist Heather Benning did with an abandoned house in 2007. The exhibit of her work just closed a week ago in Canada at a gallery called The Telephone Booth, but there is no doubt it's one of the cooler things you will ever see.

Benning covered the whole back of the home with Plexiglas so, just like a dollhouse, we can see all the action. We could even imagine some giant little girl reaching her giant hand in and moving still people up and down the stairs, bending their bodies to sit in the chairs and sleep in the beds.

Pretty crazy, no?

Personally, I think this could have even gone one step further. Why not create this and then let a family live there, living their lives just as normal? That would be a truly awesome installation. Though, is that art or life?

Who knows? Who cares? What it is, is awesome, indeed.

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All images via Heather Benning


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