Kanye West's House Robbed While He's Thousands of Miles Away (VIDEO)

Kanye WestHe's hard at work on tour in England right now, and this week, Kanye West's house was robbed back in L.A. And while there aren't exact details on what was taken from the home, hearing that unwanted guests have been in your house is always an awful feeling, regardless of whether they take a few things or empty the entire house.

Odds are good that the thieves targeted Kanye's house because they knew it was his residence. He recently put the home up for sale, so I'm sure they were able to find it on the MLS listing. And if they knew it was Kanye's house, then they also knew he was far, far away from home right now and wouldn't be there to stop them.

Celebrity homes are a tempting target for robbers, which is probably one of the reasons Kanye's gal pal, Kim Kardashian put her house up for sale as a pocket listing, so it wouldn't be on the MLS. (Too bad Kanye didn't follow her example.)


And even though Kanye likely has an alarm in his home, sometimes that really isn't enough to stop a determined thief. If they really want to get in -- they'll find a way to get in.

But hearing about his ordeal reminds us just how important it is to take steps to keep your home safe while you're on vacation.

1. Don't "advertise" the fact that you're going to be away: Translation -- don't post anything on Twitter or Facebook about your vacation until after you return. You never know who is "listening," and may see your post as an open invitation to break into your home.

2. Get a housesitter: If you are going away for a longer period of time, you may want to think about having a friend stay at your house while you're away. Nothing deters thieves as well as someone being present in the home.

3. Put your lights on timers: Simply leaving one or two lights on isn't enough to stop someone from breaking in. Actually, it's kind of a dead giveaway if the same lights are on for multiple days and nights. Put different lights on timers & switch them up.

4. Stop your mail: A mailbox full of letters is another red flag that you've been gone for a few days. Put your mail on vacation hold with the post office before you go away, and then have them deliver it when you return.

5. Alert a neighbor: Let a trusted neighbor know you are going to be away, and have them keep an eye out for anything fishy that may be going on. An extra set of eyes goes a long way.

You can hear more about the robbery at Kanye's house in the video clip below.

What steps do you take to keep your home safe while you're gone?


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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