Lavish Mansion Where Versace Was Murdered Is For Sale & You Won’t Believe the Price

Versace mansion   If you can somehow get your hands on $125 million, then you can have the opportunity to own one of the most expensive and famous homes in the country -- the Versace mansion. The Miami house, also known as "Casa Casuarina," went up for sale last Friday.

Gianni Versace only lived in the mansion for five years, as he was tragically killed in front of the property in 1997. Fifteen years later, it's still on the list of hot spots for many tourists visiting Miami.

So, what does $125 million buy you, besides an incredible piece of history with a really posh South Beach address?


For starters, 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms -- so plenty of room to entertain family and friends. To say the house is ornate is a huge understatement, but as luxurious as it is, it has still retained some of its 1930s charm, the year in which it was built.

And no house in Miami would be complete without a place to cool off on sweltering days, but most other homes in the city don't have a 54-foot long swimming pool made out of mosaics -- and lined in 24-karat gold. (Wow!)

Versace mansion pool

Even though it's in Florida, the house is reminiscent of a seaside villa in Italy, with a huge open-air courtyard and arched doorways. It's pretty clear from the $33 million worth of renovations Gianni Versace put into the home, he was truly trying to create a new level of extravagance and grandeur. 

And I'm guessing that whoever purchases this property will adore it as much as he did. You don't just go out and slap down $125 million on a house if you aren't really in love with it.

Have you ever visited the Versace mansion?


Images via Chang'r/Flickr; sergio_leenen/Flickr

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