Bouncy Bulldog Puppies Won't Stop Chasing Their Poor, Tired Mom (VIDEO)

bulldog puppies chase momNowhere to run to, bulldog! Nowhere to hide. You've gotta feel for this poor bulldog mama. She's got -- hang on, 1, 2, 3 ... well, they keep moving, but she's got somewhere in the realm of 800 puppies, and they just won't leave the poor girl alone. Which is not to say she doesn't love her litter of adorable pups dearly, but every mom needs a break from time to time, right?

And this dog is determined to have her day! Unfortunately her puppies are just as determined to keep up with mom. Can't let her out of our sight! Let's play "Chase Mom" some more!!


I love how she just keeps going in circles over and over and over again ... sure, she got trapped in that corner the first time, but maybe a secret door will appear this time around to hasten her escape! Whup ... no. Here we go again!

Just watch:

How adorable is that?! And sort of exhausting to watch, all at the same time.

Tell the truth ...

Have you ever felt like this mama bulldog?


Image via dreyzizzle/YouTube

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