These Small Towns Will Pay Your Student Loans -- But There's a Catch

niagara fallsStrapped with some hefty student loans? Wondering how you'll ever pay them off? Well here's an unlikely solution: Move to a small town.

Not just any small town, of course. There's a select few smaller cities and towns so desperate for young folk, they're bribing you to move there -- by offering to pay off some of your student loan. Ulp! And it's not just for four-year university educations. These programs will help out people with two-year associates' degrees, too.

So how about it? Would you take them up on the offer? Depends on the city, I bet ...


One of the cities making the offer is Niagara Falls, New York. Yup, that Niagara Falls. Consider it your permanent honeymoon destination! They'll give you $3,500 a year toward your loan repayments if you rent a home there. But only for two years, so it's not like they're paying the whole loan off for you. Still, that's $7,000 more than most college graduates have right now.

Or you could try any number of small towns in rural Kansas. (Toto, I think we ARE in Kansas now.) They have Rural Opportunity Zones that offer an even better deal -- vouchers for five years totalling up to $15,000. Nice!

Okay, but say you apply, and your friends apply, too, because you don't want to be lonely in this small town. So there you all are in the middle of Kansas. What the hell are you doing for a living? What about JOBS? That's what I'd want maybe even more than help with my loan repayment. Assurance of employment. I hope these towns can provide that, too.

Maybe they are? Apparently this crazy plan is working so far. Niagara Falls could be the next hot place to live after graduation.

Would you be willing to move to a new town just for the student loan repayment help?


Image via David Berkowitz/Flickr

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