'House Hunters' Exposed as Fake by Woman on the Show -- but We Don't Care

houseAre you addicted to House Hunters on HGTV? I am. I've been hooked on that show ever since it first came out -- and I really can't get enough of it, especially when the episodes feature homes in fun or exotic locations. And that's why I was so disappointed to hear about new evidence suggesting that most of the House Hunters episodes are set up and completely fake. (A reality show that isn't 100 percent real? No way.)

A woman who appeared on the show now claims the entire tale of her family's big move that was showcased on her episode was made up by producers -- and wasn't even close to reality.


Supposedly the reason for their move was changed by producers, who said they needed a much bigger house. And the woman also claims they weren't allowed to appear on the show until they had already closed on the house they chose. I guess that part sort of makes sense, because it does seem unlikely for families to narrow the field down to three houses, select one, and have the offer accepted every single time. The show would be kind of a bummer if the house hunt didn't end with the family purchasing an actual house.

But the part of this woman's story that really felt like a huge letdown was how the other two homes the family toured on the episode were chosen. Apparently they weren't even on the market -- they were the homes of two of her friends! And if her story is true and this happens on other episodes as well, then the credibility of the show pretty much goes straight down the drain.

Most of us who watch House Hunters aren't dumb, and we know the people on the show have probably toured all of the homes in question before, despite having to act like they're walking into them for the very first time. But I honestly was under the impression that the three homes were on their short list of potential properties, making the final decision real and valid.

I guess the big question is whether or not I'll still watch the show even though there's a possibility that it's not real at all. And my answer? Yeah, of course I will. But at least from now on when they don't pick the house I like the best, it will make a lot more sense.

Will you still watch House Hunters even if it's fake?


Image via squirrelradio/Flickr

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