How to Find a Shower Curtain That Isn't Toxic (VIDEO)

You know that strong, headache-inducing smell when you hang a new vinyl shower curtain? It's not just unpleasant. Some believe it may actually be toxic.

That smell is chemicals from the shower curtain that are being released into the air you breathe. Combine that with hot, steamy water and harsh cleaners and it could be emitting chemicals that are potentially harmful for a long time to come.

While no studies point to actual risks from off-gassing vinyl, there are safer choices if you're bothered by or worried about the smell. Check out this bonus episode of MomEd: Green Living for tips.



The best idea is just to skip the vinyl (also marked PVC). You can buy curtains made from a safer plastic called EVA, or use water-resistant hemp or a natural fiber. I've had good luck with an inexpensive polyester shower curtain from Ikea used as a liner, plus it's much easier to keep clean than a plastic shower curtain.

Check out more in the video below.

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Have you replaced your vinyl shower curtain ... and if so, with what?

Image via timsepulveda/Flickr

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