Fireman Rescues Dogs From Fire & Makes Us Melt (VIDEO)

fireman rescues dogGet ready for your heart to completely melt: Here's a video showing a fireman rescuing two dogs from a house fire. Not only does he bring them out of a smoking house, he revives them, too. With his own oxygen mask.

These poor scrawny little dogs. They are completely limp when the firemen bring them out. The owner seems a little pushy at first, demanding, "Did you get my dog out?" But he's just worried about his pets. See what he does when he sees how far the firemen will go to save his dogs.


What a relief to see those dogs walking and drinking water by the end! Did you see all of that smoke? You can tell the dogs were not going to make it in that house for very much longer. It's a close call for them. Lucky animals to be so kindly rescued and treated. Despite all his bluster it looks like the owner is truly grateful to have his dogs back alive and well.

About half a million pets die in house fires every year. And while fire alarms will send you running out of a burning building, they can scare and confuse pets. It's a good idea to put stickers on your window indicating that you have pets in case of an emergency.

By the way, this video is from a documentary project on fire fighters in Detroit called BURN: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit.

Have you ever lost a pet in a house fire?


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