Dog Rescues Newborn Baby After He Was Left in the Woods to Die

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dog runningOwners of a farm dog in Ghana feared that their beloved pet had gotten lost or injured when he didn't return home at the end of the day, so they organized a search party to look for him. They wound up looking for the pooch for a better part of the night -- and got the shock of their lives when they finally located him, because he wasn't alone. Lying next to him was an abandoned newborn baby who'd been "disposed of" sometime shortly after his birth. (How could any parent do such a thing?)

The poor infant still had his umbilical cord attached, which had gotten infected while he was left in the woods to die. And he very likely would've had a tragic ending to his story if this amazing dog hadn't cuddled up next to him all night to keep him warm.

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And it turns out the newborn is the whole reason the dog didn't come home in the first place -- because he was found with the baby under a bridge very close to his house. He wasn't lost at all. He could've easily left the baby and gone home, but he must've somehow instinctively known that he couldn't leave the little guy outside all night alone, so he chose to remain with him until help arrived.

Police are investigating why the baby was abandoned, but suspect that he was born to teenage parents who couldn't care for him. (Doesn't that break your heart?)

This story is amazing no matter how you look at it, but the fact that the dog is a male makes it even more astonishing. Usually females are the ones with the maternal instincts, but this heroic pooch definitely makes us wonder if all dogs have an innate sense of when a little one needs to be cared for.

Hopefully the owners of the dog fed him some extra scraps from the table and gave him a few well deserved belly rubs when he finally got home. And wouldn't it be something if whoever winds up adopting the baby comes back to introduce him to the dog who saved his life someday?

Are your dogs protective of your kids?


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Amanda Krampota

Aww this is one of the best stories I have ever read on here. That's horrible about the baby being abandoned but incredible about the dog saving him. Don't they have a safe haven law there and why is it babies are still being abandoned?

dreab... dreabug23

My dog slept outside of my newborn baby's bedroom and layed down next to whoever was holding him. Dogs are amazing!

LeetjieJ LeetjieJ

My dogs have been protective of our sons from the day we brought them home. I love stories like this!

butte... butterflyfreak

Amanda, the Safe Haven laws are not in effect in every area and, from stories that I've heard, sometimes the people at the safe haven locations are jerks who are not very helpful to the people looking for help.

the4m... the4mutts

This is a great story, and I'm glad it has a good ending :)

But I have to agree wth butterflyfreak... some safe haven locations do more to deterr a drop off than anything.

While its no excuse for what the parent(s) of this baby did, its certainly an issue that needs to be addressed to keep these things from happening.

LandD... LandDCait

Ghana is in Africa! They don't have Safe Haven Laws. That is a little naive to assume they do!

tiny_... tiny_mama

Safe Haven???

Geography FAIL!

Kelli... KelliansMom

I was going to say this is in AFRICA ...they dont have the same laws we got and I dont think they have a safe haven law ......:( ...glad that pup stayed with him and he is safe and sound now the pup deserves a steak dinner :)

jessi... jessicasmom1

good for the dog and the baby

nonmember avatar ec in az

The subject matter in the articles on this site is usually very interesting, but the articles themselves sound like they are written by 8th there no editor?

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