This Little Piggie Would Do Anything for Oatmeal (VIDEO)

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pig on stairsTo go down the stairs, or not to go down the stairs?

That is the question for this Hamlet, who just happens to be a very small and adorable pig with a very large (but still adorable) problem:

How to get all the way down the scary, scary stairs to the yum-tastic bowl of oatmeal at the very bottom.

What Would Shakespeare Do?!

This piglet protagonist turns out to have a lot more chutzpah than that wishy-washy old Prince of Denmark.

He must, must, must get to that bowl of oatmeal! Fear of heights be damned!!

Just watch:

Are you dying right now? I'm totally dying right now. Such a brave little piggie! I want to squeeeeze him and smush his little snout!!

How cute is this little pig?!


Image via PiggyGirl2010/YouTube