This Little Piggie Would Do Anything for Oatmeal (VIDEO)

pig on stairsTo go down the stairs, or not to go down the stairs?

That is the question for this Hamlet, who just happens to be a very small and adorable pig with a very large (but still adorable) problem:

How to get all the way down the scary, scary stairs to the yum-tastic bowl of oatmeal at the very bottom.

What Would Shakespeare Do?!


This piglet protagonist turns out to have a lot more chutzpah than that wishy-washy old Prince of Denmark.

He must, must, must get to that bowl of oatmeal! Fear of heights be damned!!

Just watch:

Are you dying right now? I'm totally dying right now. Such a brave little piggie! I want to squeeeeze him and smush his little snout!!

How cute is this little pig?!


Image via PiggyGirl2010/YouTube

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