The Fall of Home Magazines?

Domino magazine cover

Gosh, I just read this article (via Joanna) about the fall of many home magazines.

Please don't take my beloved Domino!


House & Garden, Home, and O at Home? Gone. Country Living? Struggling. Country Home? Recently reduced from 10 times a year to 8 times a year. Cottage Living, Southern Living, and Coastal Living? Their publisher Time Inc. just eliminated 30 jobs. Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home, Dwell, and Country Living—all show significant declines in ad pages.

Geez, it was hard enough to lose Blueprint last year. Now it looks like Domino magazine and many others could be at risk too.

So even though we're all spending a lot more time at home, we still don't have the money to take on home remodels or redecoration. Heck, most of us are happy if we have jobs, our house is clean, and there's food on the table right now.

Still, I can't help but be sad when happy home inspiration is on the chopping block...

Of course, it's also an imminent kickoff for a lot more DIY, reuse, and making do, which seems par for the course—with the state of our planet and the nation's finances. Maybe, although we're going to have to struggle and drastically change our thinking about what makes a house a home, we'll end up better off after all...

+++ What home magazine can't you live without?

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