Kitten's Sneak Attack on Cat Friend Goes Hilariously Wrong (VIDEO)

You've been bugging me all week, cat. Yep. You think you're so smart and wily, jumping on me when I least expect it. But now, I've got you in my sights. I've got this wall I'm gonna hide behind. And I see you, cat. And you don't see me. And this is how it's gonna go down. I'm gonna be real stealth-like. Reeeeal quiet. Reeeal ... hm ... where are you? Lemme -- ahhhhack!!!

Ah, you have to love cats. (If you follow me at all, you know I do!) They really think they have it all under control. And so many times, they simply do not.


Watch this cat as he tries to make his attack move on his feline frenemy but only ends up the hunted instead of the hunter, the stalked instead of the stalker, the target instead of ... you get the picture. The cartoonish music hilariously adds to underscore the humiliation of this unwitting clown. This is a true cat attack FAIL. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


Image via YouTube

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