How Land of Nod Inspired a DIY Cardboard Playhouse

cardboard playhouse

Photo from Land of Nod

I did have to ROTFL when I read carrie_grace's flabbergasted post about this $89 cardboard playhouse from Land of Nod.

I mean really...

Don't get me wrong. I've had my fair share of lust over the goodies in the Land of Nod catalog (totally want these Arcade Stick-ons and this Outer Space Wall Art). However, while Land of Nod is almost always out of my price range, this "house of cardboard" seems so over the top, as carrie_grace points out, especially in this economy.

No blame or fingerpointing for Land of Nod though (except for the fact that they laughingly call this $89 peice of cardboard "ever so humble"; leave the word "humble" for us people who believe that homemade cardboard playhouses are just fine!).

Instead, let's take this cute little abode and use it as a source of crafty DIY inspiration—something to make for the kids with the cardboard boxes we find for free or already have laying around the house.

Check carrie_grace's post for her tips and ideas on how to make a cardboard playhouse.

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Peajewel Peajewel

I saw this in the catalog and was thinking maybe it was one of the few things in the Land of Nod catalog I could actually afford.  I do happen to agree that the price for a  piece of cardboard is crazy!

CoolB... CoolBeans

Carrie making the Daily Buzz! Love it!

I am going to make one of these for the girls and one for Bub. I think it would be so much more fun to make them and to let your kids put their own 'spin' on it.

I could never pay $89 for a box. The husband would have be admitted!


lol, that is too funny, and crazy price for cardboard. I can make that for free from stuff I have home right now ;-)

Lumin... LuminousMom

lol, the funniest thing is I have been considering buying a cardboard box house that Target sells that is white, and has a set of pens and its all outlined for kids to color... for $30... at least that one has pens! (
 I am a land-of-nod fan... there is a discount store here in Utah called "Down East" which sells Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, Restoration Hardware, and others like those... at discount prices (last years stuff!!) so my house is decked.. but come ON... $89.00 for paper? Maybe next year it will be at Down East for 10 bucks, lol... I got Land of Nod bedding for $15.99 and it was $250 in the catalog. Overpriced to say the least.

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