How Land of Nod Inspired a DIY Cardboard Playhouse

cardboard playhouse

Photo from Land of Nod

I did have to ROTFL when I read carrie_grace's flabbergasted post about this $89 cardboard playhouse from Land of Nod.

I mean really...


Don't get me wrong. I've had my fair share of lust over the goodies in the Land of Nod catalog (totally want these Arcade Stick-ons and this Outer Space Wall Art). However, while Land of Nod is almost always out of my price range, this "house of cardboard" seems so over the top, as carrie_grace points out, especially in this economy.

No blame or fingerpointing for Land of Nod though (except for the fact that they laughingly call this $89 peice of cardboard "ever so humble"; leave the word "humble" for us people who believe that homemade cardboard playhouses are just fine!).

Instead, let's take this cute little abode and use it as a source of crafty DIY inspiration—something to make for the kids with the cardboard boxes we find for free or already have laying around the house.

Check carrie_grace's post for her tips and ideas on how to make a cardboard playhouse.

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