6 Hilarious Dogs Who 'Talk' Just Like People (VIDEOS)

pugHave you ever heard your dog bark or howl -- and been convinced that he was actually trying to talk to you? It may sound kind of crazy to people who aren't dog lovers, but there are dog owners who swear their pets can talk and imitate human beings. And I guess it only makes sense that our furry friends would pick up our language after being with us 24/7, right?

Heck, even Kristen Stewart thinks her dogs are doing more than just barking when they try to communicate with her. (Maybe it's because of the whole werewolf thing?)


There are some great videos on YouTube of dogs who definitely sound like they're talking to their owners, and "I love you" & "Mama" seem to be their most popular phrases. (How sweet!)

Get a load of this adorable pug named Odie who made it all the way to the David Letterman Show a few years ago!

This big guy couldn't wait to share the love either.

And this husky named Mishka landed herself a spot on the Today show -- and even has her own YouTube channel!

Ok -- this clip is just hysterical. Guess this little dog wants her mama!

OMG. This little pup crying out for mama will melt your heart!

This Great Dane knows who he loves!

Do your pets know how to talk?


Image via mccarthb/YouTube

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