House Where Amy Winehouse Died Is Up for Sale

amy winehouseWhen you're planning to buy a new house, there are some basic things you're probably looking for: a great location, a good price, a nice layout. One thing you probably don't want is a house where someone died. Someone who died tragically and too young. Someone who was famous, drawing a steady stream of fans to the house and making it a shrine to the departed.

BUT. A house like this is on the market in London. The father of the notoriously troubled singer Amy Winehouse has announced that he put Amy's home, the very one where Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning, up for sale.


Fans are furious at this turn of events, saying it is disrespectful to Amy. However, I doubt very much the fans are picking up the costs of maintaining the house. Nope, I guess they're not, because dad Mitch Winehouse tweeted:

It is with regret that we have to sell Amy's house in Camden Square. It is empty and costing a fortune to secure it.

I can't imagine that the home switching hands would deter fans from hanging out there, so you have to wonder who would buy the thing, knowing they'll have to wake up every day and look out the window at fans in beehives singing "Rehab."

Also, this is kinda spooooooky. Amy died in that house. And it doesn't sound like a pleasant death. If you believe in ghosts, Amy's spirit could be wandering the hallways, forever singing. Like that scene in Beetlejuice, when all the ghosts get together and have rousing sing-alongs. I swear this happened to me once. I was about 8 years old and living in an old house on Cape Cod. One night, I heard a marching band come up the stairs outside my bedroom, play for a bit, and then turn around and go back down the stairs. Was it a dream? I didn't think so at the time!

Anyway, if you're an Amy fan, it could be kind of fun having her spirit wandering around crooning. I'd think whoever buys the house would HAVE to be a fan. The aura of Amy there would be part of the appeal to the buyer. The new owner definitely has to have some money, as the home costs $4.2 million.

Maybe whoever buys the house will open it up to Amy's fans. It could become like Graceland. Though Amy, talented as she was, was no Elvis. Nah. I'm thinking the person who buys is just gonna live there, like a normal homeowner.

Would you live in a home where someone died?


Image via Gruenemann/ Flickr

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