Gravity-Defying Cat Effortlessly Scales Down Side of Fridge (VIDEO)

Look up in the air! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... Supercat! Or maybe it's more like Spideycat, as this fridge scaling feline seems to defy gravity with his superputtytat powers. Piggy, as the cat is misnamed, is videotaped here walking straight down the side of a refrigerator. It's pretty damn impressive too, considering that, halfway down, Piggy stops, just stops, and looks deep down into the ravine before him, contemplating the rest of his trip. Or, possibly, just teasing the viewers. Either way, it's clear he is not scared of falling. Oh no.


The brown and white cat reminds me of Alain Robert, the "French Spider-Man" who scaled the sides skyscrapers all over the globe. Okay, maybe he's not THAT good. But it's fairly weird. Does this cat have suction cups on his paws? Double-sided tape?

Apparently this wasn't a one time strange occurrence caused by a full moon affecting the Earth's gravitational forces. Nope, Piggy, according to the his owner, does this every day.

Check it out. Can you believe this cat's Spideycat abilities?


Image via YouTube

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