15 Precious Animals Caught Cuddling & Snuggling (PHOTOS)

dogs cuddlingI don't care how tough or unemotional a person is -- no one can resist "ooing and aahing" at least a little bit after seeing adorable animals cuddled up together for a cozy snuggle. There's something about seeing them in such an innocent and vulnerable state that can make even the most macho personalities feel all warm and fuzzy.

Get a load of these precious pups all snuggled up together like best buds. Don't they make you automatically curl your lip into a pout and say, "Awww"? These two are beyond sweet!


Seeing just how sweet and loving animals can be almost makes me want to run out and adopt a puppy or kitten right now. (I said almost. Now just isn't the right time.)

And it isn't just dogs who love a good cuddle. Animals of all species, from parrots to cheetahs, can't resist showing their affection for each other.

Take a look at the photos below to see some of the cutest duos around!

Do your pets like to cuddle up together?


Image via xersti/Flickr

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