6 Adorable & Lovable Lemonade Stands for Summer

Nothing says summer more than a classic, corner lemonade stand, am I right? You know it's only a matter of time before your kids start asking to have one, so why not put in a little extra effort and have some fun with the idea?! The darling stand above used a faux awning on an existing table, along with a few other creative touches for a super cute setup.

Get your creative juices flowing with 5 more lemonade stand inspirations below!

Sweet and simple is the name of this little stand. Those crates were found at a craft store and the banner done by Mom. Toss a tablecloth on top, add a plate of cookies (cute kids don't hurt either), and you're good to go. Don't forget the lemonade!

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Got some serious entrepreneurs on your hands? You could tackle the construction on this DIY lemonade stand project. A bit more labor intensive, but I can think of a ton of additional ways to use the finished product. Puppet theater anyone? 

Find the perfect lemonade recipe here along with free printables to make that kid-friendly banner and bunting. 

I think this DIY rolling stand is so darn cute, but only if you feel like going the extra (EXTRA) mile and have access to some heavy-duty power tools. That tin roof is to die for though, isn't it?

Lastly, here's a little video we made with our kids, called Lemonade Stand. I hope it inspires you and your little ones to set up their own little business! Pottery Barn Kids sponsored the video and we used tons of great props from their catalog. Our lemonade stand theory: the more exciting the table & wares look, the better!

Did you ever make a lemonade stand as a child? Do these photos inspire you to help your kids take theirs to the next level?

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Bertha21 Bertha21

I have never made one, but I want to when my son is old enough! These are so cute, thank you for not making it a slide! :D

GlowW... GlowWorm889

These are way too cute. I would totally build one if the kids were old enough. Who doesn't want to support a lemonade stand? I always try to when I can, and even include a tip if they're especially polite.

The only thing I would want to add, though, would be a little hook or something to hold a hose and some soap, since I know lemonade stands that have been passed over and even shut down over the concern for health safety.

And I agree with Bertha...thanks for not making it a slideshow! :D

gofas... gofast_mama

It's a cute idea but the kids on my block got busted for not having a permit, which is $50. Just a word of caution!

momma... mommaluvto5

gofast same thing happened to a neighbor of mine. :(

nonmember avatar Anne Bradley

The Neighborhood Lemonade Stand is an American Summer Tradition which deserves to go on. These stands are creative, cute & the children are learning about business. Let the bureaucrats go after individuals who are truly endangering public health - NOT children selling lemonade. We had an "Alex's Lemonade" Stand & decorated it w/ items from their website.

mamivon2 mamivon2

I never had a lemonade stand but I did painted rocks and sold them

Green... GreenKnitMama

How adorable! I just bought lemonade from a stand yesterday.

butte... butterflyfreak

I think it would be fun, if I didn't have to worry about my kid getting a ticket! WTF!?!? Seriously, those damn beauracrats will do anything for a buck!

Bianca Lowe

These are cute, but to be honest I'd be more inclined to buy from a stand that looked like the kid played a heavy role in making (read: adorably basic and even a little clumsy) than a chic colour-coordinated stand with those crazy fancy dispensers and jars and labels, that the mum or dad has obviously taken a lot of control over. Don't get me wrong, they are super cute! But give me plain old kid-initiative any day! :)

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