7 Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Dangers So You & Your AC Don’t Overheat

air conditioning unitIt's only the end of May, but plenty of cities across the country are already experiencing summer-like temperatures, especially in the northeast -- where it's 90 degrees this afternoon! It feels like an oven out there, and on days like today, I'm especially thankful that our house has central air conditioning. I really don't know how people live without it -- or at the very least, without air conditioning units in most rooms of the house.

Suffering through sweltering temperatures isn't just uncomfortable -- it can also take its toll on your health by upping the risk of heat-related illnesses. But if you are using air conditioning units to cool down your pad instead of central air, you want to make sure you have them installed properly, and taking the proper safety precautions is a must. The last thing you need on a super hot and humid day is for your unit to overheat and cause a fire!


Here are some great tips for keeping yourself nice and cool and also safe while using your window unit this summer.

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1. Always make sure the unit is plugged into a three-prong outlet, and make sure the wiring in your house can handle the electricity used by the unit.

2. Turn your air conditioning units on early so the house cools gradually during the day instead of waiting until the heat is unbearable.

3. Make sure to have your unit inspected each year and change the filters regularly.

4. Be sure the unit you choose is the right size for the particular room you plan on using it in.

5. Turn off any lights you don't need in the house, and close all blinds and window shades before using the air conditioner.

6. Don't use appliances like dishwashers or dryers until nighttime, when the air conditioning units aren't as likely to be in use.

7. Block off any unused rooms to get the maximum cooling effects from your unit.

Do you have central air, or are you relying on air conditioning units or other cooling methods to beat the heat?


Image via Keith Williamson/Flickr

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