Tortured Afghan Dog Reunited With Loving Soldier Who Rescued Him (VIDEO)

soldier reunites with dog

There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing the brave men and women of our military reunite with their families when they return to the U.S. -- and seeing their reunions with their pets is just as emotional and sweet. (Pets are family too!)

U.S. staff sergeant Nick B. just reunited with his beloved dog, Bodhi, but their story is a little bit different, because this time -- Bodhi is the one who came home to the United States. You see, Nick actually found Bodhi in Afghanistan when he was just a puppy, and at that point he was hungry, dirty, and his ears and part of his tail had been cut off (horrible!) -- as he was being used for dog fighting.

Nick rescued Bodhi after trading him for packs of cigarettes (seriously?) and they were inseparable from that point on. Well, that is until it was time for Nick to return home.


The poor pup had to ride through regions occupied by the Taliban in order to make it to the airport and board a plane to join Nick and his family in Florida.

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about Bodhi's amazing journey.

Isn't this such a beautiful story -- and weren't these two meant to be together? You can tell just how much they love each other, and it makes me so happy that they are going to have a wonderful life together from here on out. And wait till Bodhi gets a load of having his very own swimming pool. I can only imagine how fast his tail will be wagging when he takes his first dip!

Have you ever taken in a homeless animal?


Image via CNN

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