Super Sweet Cat Cuddles With Cute Baby Chick (VIDEO)

cat and chickI bet you think you know where this is going. Big tabby cat with big tabby cat claws, baby chick with ... fluffy feathers ... uh-oh. This can't end well.

But it does!

I don't know if this cat is incredibly sweet, incredibly tired, or incredibly lazy, but he not only allows this tiny chirping nuisance to invade his personal space, he snuggles with it! Well, sorta.


It's a half-hearted, fine, here's my paw kind of snuggle.

Like the cat is a non-affectionate 13-year-old boy and the chick is his super-clingy 13-year-old girlfriend and the cat's paw is the boy's obligatory arm around the shoulder. Fine, but this doesn't mean I like you like you, okay?

Just watch ...

What an exceptionally tolerant kitty, I must say. I still can't believe he didn't gulp down that bird like a piece of popcorn chicken.

Would your cat be this patient with a baby chick?

Image via tubbytubbytubtubs/YouTube

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