Puppy Falls From Sky Into Arms of Loving Family (VIDEO)

puppy falls from sky

If a puppy literally falling out of the sky and landing in your backyard isn't a sign that he's meant to be a part of your family, then I don't know what is! A 7-year-old boy in California got the shock of his life when he found a tiny 8-week-old puppy badly hurt in his yard after seemingly falling straight from the heavens.

The boy immediately alerted his mother when he found the poor pup, and she determined that the dog had been captured by a hawk that lives on their property, and somehow managed to wriggle himself free from it's talons. He fell about 30 feet to the ground, and it's a miracle that he survived! The family took him to the vet, and have now adopted him.


Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about this amazing little dog, whose new owners call "T.J. Heavenly."

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Isn't he about the sweetest little puppy you've ever seen? He must have been so frightened while that hawk was flying with him, and it's a wonder that he was able to escape its clutches! I am just so happy that he landed in the arms of people who will truly love and care for him after his ordeal. I love how his new owner said, "When God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it!" Amen to that!

Have you ever taken in a lost or hurt animal?


Image via MSNBC

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