Pippa Middleton Will Get Eaten Alive in New York City

pippa middletonLook out New York City -- because there may be a new and updated version of Carrie Bradshaw moving into town. Supposedly Pippa Middleton is looking to get out of London, and she has the Big Apple on her short list of places to call home.

OMG. Is anyone else as excited as I am about the possibility of bumping into Pippa in the middle of Manhattan? I'm not one to get starstruck, but I'd seriously have a hard time keeping my composure if I walked into Starbucks and found Pippa in line next to me. Who are we kidding? I'd have my iPhone out in a heartbeat and would probably try and get a picture next to her (to post on Facebook, of course).

But if Pippa does take the plunge and decide to move across the pond, there are a few things about being a New Yorker that she'll have to get used to. Because NYC is much different than London, even though they're both bustling cities.

I'm not exactly an expert on British real estate, but something tells me the "flats" in NYC are a bit smaller than what Pippa is used to living in over in London. Granted, she probably won't be lounging around at home very much as a single gal in the city, but I'm sure she'll want to have enough room to put up her famous sister and brother-in-law when they visit. Somehow I just can't see Prince William & Kate crashing on a pull-out couch in the living room. Hopefully Pippa's wallet is padded enough to rent a big place.

And while she may blend into the crowd a bit better in New York than in London, there are still paparazzi here who will be anxious to get shots of her enjoying city life -- and then there's the not quite as in your face but equally as annoying group of people in NYC -- better known as tourists. Can you imagine what will happen if a high school group from Connecticut catches a Pippa sighting while on their way to the Guggenheim? I really hope she's prepared for incessant giggling and high-pitched squeals.

And we can't forget about NYC cab drivers. Some of them aren't exactly the friendliest people on the planet. And when Pippa hops in a cab and politely asks for a ride uptown? Holy moly -- they'll eat her alive for sure.

But on the upside, I guess if she gets really homesick and needs some companionship after her big move, she can always give Tim Tebow a call. Hmm. Two people who are completely out of their element may just be a match made in heaven.

Do you think Pippa will be happy in NYC if she moves there?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Lulu425 Lulu425

Clearly you've never been to London.

British apartments are a LOT smaller than NYC ones and their cabbies are just as rude.

New York is full of celebrities, why would Pippa Middleton be any different than any other NYC celebrity?

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

British homes are way smaller than American ones, even city flats/apartments.

Exactly how does she propose to get here? Unless she plans to marry a studly American chap she will have a hard time getting in. Immigration doesn't just let people in because bloggers go gaga over them.

Shirlene Bradshaw

Kate has moved on. Her life is going in a direction that Pippa can not follow. The sister love is in tact but Pippa must stop being scattered and follow her own direction.

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