8 Fun Little Mother's Day Getaways Your Whole Family Will Love

beachDo you have any big plans for Mother's Day weekend? I can't lie -- I'm being a bit selfish this year and indulging in a much needed girls' weekend away with my own mom. She and I don't get much one-on-one time, so this will be so nice and relaxing for both of us.

But even though we'll be gone most of the weekend, we're coming back on Sunday and celebrating with the rest of the family. There's no way I could go through an entire Mother's Day without spending some time with my favorite little guy! After all, I wouldn't be a mom without him.

Girls' weekends are always fun, but there are also some great options for quick Mother's Day getaways that the whole family will enjoy.


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1. Kid-friendly spa - Find a resort near you that offers a great spa for mom to relax and unwind in while dad entertains the kids at the pool for a few hours.

2. Family hike - Load up the fam in the car and head to a national park or forest to spend some quiet time together -- and get a little exercise too!

3. Visit a working farm - Enjoy a day outside together, and teach the kids about sustainable living.

4. Day at the museum - Museums aren't just for adults anymore -- kids get a huge kick out of learning about history too. Try a science museum or natural history museum for the most enjoyable experience for the whole family.

5. Fun on the coast - If you live within an hour or two of the shoreline, throw the beach chairs and a couple of shovels & pails in the car and head for the coast. Who doesn't love a day at the beach?

6. Theme park - If you're a family who loves action and thrills, heading to an amusement park is a great Mother's Day activity. Letting loose and putting your hands in the air on a roller coaster is the perfect escape.

7. Farmers' market & picnic - To keep things really simple and low-key, head to your local farmers' market and pick up a few goodies, then having a picnic together as a family in the park.

8. Spontaneous overnight stay - If you didn't have time to book a trip for Mother's Day weekend, there are bound to be some great last-minute hotel deals that come out on Saturday. Check them out for sure -- even staying in a hotel in your own town can be like a mini-vacation!

What other last-minute day trip suggestions do you have for Mother's Day?


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