Milk-Chugging Kitten Gets Tiny Hiccups (VIDEO)

kitten hiccupI'm gonna give it to you straight:

Quite simply, you haven't lived until you've heard the sound of a kitten-sized case of the hiccups -- not to mention the indignant "meow" this teensy weensy furball makes as he tries to drink milk from a bottle. (A bit too enthusiastically, I'm afraid.)

Meow! Was that really necessary, bottle of milk?

Poor guy. Named Moses, this kitty got off to a rough start in life ...


His mom got hit by a car when he was only a couple of days old. Sad!!! Fortunately he was rescued (hence the need to learn how to drink milk from a bottle) and, also fortunately (for us), his new owners started a blog documenting the kitten's adorable progress.

Hopefully the little dude is learning to pace himself!

Aww! He's so disgruntled!

Have you ever taught a baby animal to drink milk from a bottle?


Image via milkdrinkingfool/YouTube

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