Adorable White Nursery Is a Lovely Haven for Baby

If the last nursery I posted was a mix of bold colors, vintage finds, and grown-up style, this one brings things back to all baby. With a neutral palette featuring mostly whites and soft grays, I think you'll love this sweet nursery and its modern feel.

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I see more and more baby's rooms foregoing the traditional changing table setup in favor of using a credenza or dresser instead. I've totally done the same thing and I think it's smart and functional! That stacked elephant print is darling and looks like it might be a do-able DIY project if you're feeling inspired. 

I love the muted pattern on the wallpaper. It adds a little texture to the clean feeling of this room. That rocker? To die for!

On the bookshelf is where you see the only pops of color with toys and carefully stacked books. The "ABC" print is so unusual and I love the subtle elephant theme that seems to be going on in this room.  

You can see a few more images and hear the story behind this nursery on A Little Lovely

So what do you think? Are you a fan of this baby-friendly, neutral nursery, or do you wish it packed a little more pop?

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nonmember avatar A

Looks like an apartment complex bedroom, or an insane asylum.

mandy... mandysue88

Uhhh.... its alittle unrealistic, white furnature and furnishings will dull and stain and its compleatly absurd to think oh, my child won't destroy this lol. Sorry but these nurserys don't fit into and everyday life. And frankly yes its cute but the toys suck lol. Not my kind or nursury.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Too plain. But - I LOVE the striped ceiling. You should've showcased THAT!

Mary Carstens

I LOVE it. Maybe it's because I also have an all white house, including white floors. I have 2 boys (ages 5 1/2 and 8 months) and my white stuff manages to stay clean. We even have a white sofa in one of our living rooms and it's fine. Granted, we don't let anyone eat outside of the kitchen or dining room, so sticky fingers are kept in check. Personally, I love nurseries that appeal to the adults because, really, the baby doesn't notice that stuff or have an opinion and we're the ones who have to look at it all day. I HATE baby stuff with baby prints and the typical pink and blue colors. Great pick, Gabrielle!

nonmember avatar Celeste

I like the calm vibe of this nursery. Color will undoubtedly pop up as the baby grows and toys are changed out/added, but the neutral base will continue to look fresh and clean.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

It's too bland. I agree with the first lacks personality and looks like a prison.

Sidthe Sidthe

...good luck keeping that white....

nonmember avatar Michelle

I think it's lovely. I can only speak to my experience with 2 children - the first year to year and a half - I would have loved to sit and nurse in this room. When I followed the link, it showed that the wallpaper pattern is actually baby elephants, so cute. As the baby becomes a toddler, the room will change - but that usually happens anyway. Thanks!

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