9 Dreamy Outdoor Shower Ideas for Every Home (Not Just at the Beach!)


There's nothing more luxurious than a long, hot shower, don't you think? So what about an outdoor shower? To me, the idea seems totally inviting and even a little liberating too! It just seems so luxurious and relaxing to be able to shower outdoors in the open air. 

You don't necessarily have to live by the beach or go to a spa to enjoy such a thing. I've gathered together eight more dreamy outdoor shower inspirations below:


This setup takes the outdoor shower one step further by adding two fixtures and an extra deep bathtub. Where do I sign up for this zen-like escape?

Rock walls and hanging plants, your very own private grotto!

One concrete wall and a curtain for privacy are all you need in this shower space.

Love the subtle setup outside of this cottage-style home. 

Beach shower? Check! Makes it easy to rinse off that surfboard, too.

I love the mirrored tile and fenced in shower spot seen here, looks like such a delightful little escape. Is that an orange tree I spy?

A more modern approach with white walls, black slate tile, round stone, and a slat floor. Ooh, and a bench! Benches in showers are my favorite. I'm about 10 times more likely to shave my legs if there's a bench in the shower.

Looks like the perfect place to rinse off! The dark walls make it feel very private.

So what do you think? Have you ever taken an outdoor shower? Would you ever consider creating an outdoor shower space or do you prefer to keep that business indoors?

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