Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Very Own Seeing-Eye Dog (VIDEO)

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A blind golden retriever named Tanner who was suffering from seizures as a result of epilepsy was having a pretty tough time leading a normal life -- that is until he was offered an unexpected helping hand at an animal hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A homeless black lab named Blair was brought to the hospital after being shot -- and when he recovered, he reached out to Tanner and started leading him around the play yard where they were exercising. The vets at the hospital insist that Blair instinctively knew that Tanner was blind and felt the urge to help him to "see" again. Poor Tanner was so troubled and his seizures were so bad that vets had even suggested he be put down -- but when he met Blair, everything in his world took a turn for the better. (So sweet!)


And even though Tanner was the one who truly needed assistance, the friendship between the dogs has proved equally beneficial to both of them. Vets report Tanner having less seizures than before, and Blair seems "less anxious" and has a better disposition.

How adorable is it that these two have found each other? I've always been in awe of seeing-eye dogs and service dogs because of how they are able to take care of their owners and make their lives easier to manage -- but I never thought one of them would reach out to another canine friend! It's almost as if these pooches were two lost souls who were destined to wind up at that same hospital and find each other.

And with any hope, these two pals won't ever have to be apart again. The hospital is hoping they will both be adopted by the same family. And now that their story has touched millions across the country -- somehow I'm guessing there will be more than a few people who want to give these pups a loving home where they can continue to thrive and lean on each other.

You can hear more about Tanner & Blair's amazing bond in the video clip below -- their connection is truly beautiful!

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Do you know anyone who has a guide dog? How has it changed their life?


Image via A. Blight/Flickr

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